Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Accidentally Onyx

Last week the kids and I had a whole day with not a lot going on and so on a whim I decided to take them for a drive to the animal shelter.

We had been talking for a long time about possibly getting a dog. We wanted one that was already trained, young enough to play with the kids, but out of the puppy chewing on everything stage. It would have to be gentle enough with the babies and not be a super slobbery dog because that just grosses me out. We knew we had a tall order to fill and we planned on it taking us a couple of months to find the dog we were looking for. We were not in a rush. Anyway, we don't even have a fence up yet so a couple of months would give us a chance to get the fence up so our plan was perfect.

What is it they say about the best laid plans?

I woke up that morning, it was a Tuesday. I had energy and big plans to tackle the day. I was going to go to the store and get caddies, cleaning supplies, and get serious about the messes in my house! Also, we had no bread or milk so we needed some food staples anyway.

We got to the store, got our supplies and...

...I just didn't want to go home yet. Have you ever felt Like that? It was hot and I longed for the cool mountain breeze. I had a sudden memory of when we went to the animal shelter four years ago to get Faye's cat. It was a grey overcast autumn day, a whisper of rain hung in the air and as I drove up the mountain face to the animal shelter I noticed the grass had been kissed with frost. Of course that had been in the middle of November, and good gracious it is August right now! But that memory, and my longing for cool air is what drove me up the mountain side that sweltering, dripping, melting day.

It did get a bit cooler as we drove through the shadow of the mountain, so that was happy. The kids begged to have the windows rolled down and I acquiesced. That slight coolness that seems to always be with the mountains just made my heart smigh (smile sigh. A happy sigh).

We got there and we walked through the kernel looking at the dogs. It seemed all the ones we wanted had already been adopted out. But we were just looking and we weren't worried or disappointed because we had our plan.

Best laid plans always something, right?

As we were about to leave, a little black lab caught my eye. He was smaller than most full grown labs. I asked the volunteer there if we could look at him.

There is a play yard in the back and we met her out there. The dog was perfect! He ran around with Faye, he followed commands, and he was such a good dog!

Actually, he was sort of perfect in terms of our want list. He was so good with the babies, sweet, trained, and no longer a puppy. As I watched Faye playing with him, the delight in her face, I realized, I understood. This dog was going home with us.

Fail. The best laid plans always fail.

We signed all of the adoption papers and took our new dog. In the lobby where I signed everything was a cat and a bunny. That beyond good little dog didn't even care! He didn't lunge at our even bark at those smaller animals of prey! We walked outside and I opened the Tardis doors (that's what we named our van. Did I mention that?) and the sweet little dog just climbed on in. He loves car rides apparently.

We drove straight to Petco or Petsmart or whatever it is called and stocked up on necessities. Feeding dishes, food, etc. I planned to get a wireless fence but they actually doesn't have any in stock so that didn't work out.

We also discussed names for him. We didn't love the name his previous owners had given him. They named him Titan. It didn't suit him at all because he is so mellow and laid back. As we discussed all possibilities of names, I remembered a creature in the book The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles by Julie Andrews. He was a slightly despondent fuzzy black creature whose purpose was to distract the children from their goal of reaching the palace of the Whangdoodle. His name was Onyx. It was perfect! Keith and Faye loved it because that is the name of a Pokémon. It is also the name of a shiny black stone. We were all sold on it.

While at the animal shelter they told us his history. He had one owner who could no longer care for him. Then he was spotted by a family who brought him back after a few days because he was too lazy. They wanted a hyper pup. Onyx's calm and lazy personality is exactly what we wanted in our family.

The babies walk on him, poke him, and do all kinds of baby things to him, and he just doesn't care at all.

He just lays there and looks at them. He is a lazy dog and we couldn't be happier! The children all adore him, and he seems made just for us.

Plans. Wow. They never work out how you expect. It really blows my mind to see how much God has a part in even the smallest details of our lives. Like picking out a dog that will fit in with our family dynamic.

And so, unexpectedly, accidentally, we now have a dog.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Arthur "Matt"

My sister's kids are some of the best people to walk the earth. They are all grown up now and are simply amazing. I have always thought (hoped) if my children turn out half as good as hers, I will have raised some fine, quality humans.

In typical Aunt fashion, I have had reservations about her kids boyfriends and girlfriends. But Heidi and Genna picked some quality and perfect for them young men and I am so happy to have them in the family.

And then there is Matt. He goes by Arthur now, as that is his first name, but as a kid he went by Matt which was short for Matthias, his middle name. I love that guy so much and quite frankly I worried about him ever finding anyone who was good enough for him. That kid is salt of the earth, I'm telling you! I honestly couldn't imagine any girl would be special or amazing enough for my nephew. Not to mention the improbability of a girl being able to fully appreciate his amazingness. He is gentle and sweet and thoughtful and witty and funny and caring and humble and all kinds of crazy smart.

And then he brought Rachel to my parent's house for General Conference last April. I knew her from before his mission. They had been good friends since middle school so I had seen her and knew her a little from before.

She is sweet and funny and unassuming and quirky and so incredibly kind. They had both had a crush on each other since middle school but neither ever did anything about it. But last weekend was her bridal shower! Because yes, they decided they are sort of perfect for each other, and should get married!

What a fun shower it was. I love how happy and bubbly Rachel is and how that perfectly offsets Matt's quiet nature. There was a trivia game for how well we knew the couple and it was hilarious because both hers and his mothers were on the same team, and listening to them try to piece together the answers just made me laugh and remember how secretive teenagers tend to be.

Faye, Kip, and I had driven up to Idaho for the shower. Afterwards we went to my sister Gina's house and visited for a while. She has such a beautiful apple orchard and yard.

It is wild and tame in parts. It is perfect for children to play and run around in, and Faye had so much fun out there. She told me she is going to live in a place like that when she grows up so her children can have wide open spaces where they can run around and play.

And then yesterday was their wedding. Rachel and Matt were married and sealed for all time and eternity in the beautiful Provo City Center Temple at 8 am. (Jeffrey has since sent out a decree prohibiting weddings so early in the morning. We got married at 3 in the afternoon.) In order for me to get down to Provo in time, I had to take my kids (and our dog... but that's another story) to my in laws house by 5:30, and on the road by 6. Surprisingly all went according plan, and that never happens! Traffic was great ans i actually got to Provo around 7:10! Except I had had a lot to drink that morning so I needed a bathroom. I went to the nearest Macey's, did what I arrived to do, and grabbed a granola bar and water and headed back to my van where I proceeded to apply my makeup and listen to my audiobook.

At 7:50 I decided it was time to head over to the temple.

I turned my key in the ignition and a faint click. I tried again and all I could hear that time was the sound of my hope dying. I had driven all that way and to be only 1.5 miles away and unable to attend just was not fair! I screamed a quick prayer, "Help me!!! Oh please help me!" and headed into the store.

As I was going in I saw a young man going in.i asked him if he could help me jump start my van and he shrugged and told me he didn't have cables. Not a problem, I had cables. And so he followed me over to my van and we set about charging the battery. He had never charged a battery off that particular car and the plastic cap on the positive charge for the battery didn't come off enough to place the jumper cables. So he put the cable on the bolt connected to the battery and we went for it.

It didn't work.

I was broken hearted. I called the temple and told them not to worry about waiting for me. Try as I might, I couldn't keep the disappointment out of my voice.

The young man who's name i never caught had even called his father asking for tips. None came. He does suggest it wasn't my battery but instead was the starter. But I was confident it was the battery, only I didn't tell him that. He then offered me a ride to the temple.

Ride with a perfect stranger to the temple? Well it wasn't the first time I had done it, and we were in Provo after all. So i for into his car and he took me to the temple. I jumped out and practically ran. I was able to slip in just before they actually began.

It was perfect!

Just like them.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Broken Promises

I am reading a book right now called Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and she has said some fairly world shattering things. One thing that she discussed is how so very often the first person we break promises to is ourselves. Think of all the goals made, diets started, etc. When things get a little tough we would falter and stop doing it, thus effectively teaching our subconscious that we are unreliable and flakey and can't be counted on.


As I read that (okay it's an audiobook and I listened to it) I instantly thought of my blog . My promises to write daily have been broken and shattered and pulverized into smithereens many times over. I'm not a dieter, I think diets are dumb and believe in healthy eating (which is not to say I'm amazing at it, but it is where my belief system has always been), so the diet promises has never been a problem for me. But finding time to write?? That is incredibly important to me and yet one of the first things to fall by the wayside. Mostly because I'm so tired and just fall asleep. But still. Broken promises have always been one of my biggest triggers for anger. Promises are sacred. If your promise someone something, you had better do it or die trying. And yet the first person I break promises to is myself. Ugh, I'm so shattered! Especially because as I type this the lack of sleep I'm living off (an average of 3 hours a night) is banging me on the head and begging for sleep.

In an effort to stay true to myself and keep my promises, I'm jotting these thoughts down, as well as a catch up list of important things happening in our family. Things that should be showing up in a few days. A teaser, if you will.

  • Beth's birthday 
  • Adrienne's sealing 
  • Onyx 
  • Matt's wedding 
  • Bee/Wasp stings 
  • Sharpie 

I'm excited to record these and so happy to have a visible list to check off! Since I've fallen asleep three times while writing this, good night!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Things That Go Bump in the Night

It's late. I had stayed up later than usual so I could record our adventures at Lake Lyman. But when I looked at the clock my heart sank just a smidgen as it was much later than I would have liked it to be. I sighed, turned off the AC and opened all the windows checked the door locks and that all the food was put away, and then headed back to my room and climbed into bed. Tomorrow is a big day, you know. My precious Everly Beth completes 5 years on this gorgeous planet. And so, I turned off my lamp and settled my head on my pillow, gratitude and sleepiness swooping through my body like a tidal wave. Gratitude for the soft fluffiness, and the chance I have to go to sleep now.

Just as I was gearing down to sleep for the night, I heard Vince get up out of bed. I heard him walk to the hallway, hesitate, and then amble off in the direction of the kitchen, his blanket dragging behind him like a great blue shadow. Knowing he was looking for me, I called out to him. He paused and then I could hear him change direction. He came back up the hall and into my room. He paused at the foot of my bed, as if unsure which side I was on, remembered, and then proceeded.

1 step. 2 steps, blanket dragging.


Vince face planted on my floor. Jeffrey and I both chuckled when he got back up, not hurt, seemingly oblivious to the pause in his plan to reach me. And then he carried on as if nothing happened, blanket still trailing behind him.

He got to my side of the bed, tossed his blanket up first, because clearly he knows what is important and that blanket has value. In the eyes of a two year old, anyway. And then he scrambled up.

Blanket completely forgotten, Vince set about making himself comfortable. He became a human teddy bear. He squished into me as close as humanly possibly. I could feel his breath on my neck and his hair was tickling my nose. His breathing was immediately slow, sleepy, hypnotic. His arm sought out his "pocket" in my cleavage and after tossing and turning for a bit, my human teddy bear fell asleep.

I'm tired. I should be asleep. But moments like these are exactly what make up life. The in between moments filled with little involuntary laughs, smiles, and sudden hugs. I wouldn't miss these moments for all the tea in England!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lake Lyman Memories

These past few weeks I have began to babysit again. It all happened suddenly. Brickale was telling me she didn't really have a place for her kids to go, the daycare they were in was being abusive and the state got involved and all kinds of awful things. I do love those kids, and so I asked her where they are now. She told me they are jumping around from person to person. Which breaks my heart! I know how important a schedule is for little kids. And so, I told her if she couldn't find anyone, I would watch them for her. Because I really do adore them.

Well, one night she messaged me out of the blue and asked if I could start watching them the next morning. The lady that was watching them had to fly back East as her father was sick... long story short, she suddenly didn't have anyone to watch the kids. Well, that first week with them they were sick, and then that first weekend with them, I was sick. Go figure. But we have all recovered since, and for this, I haven't had energy enough to even think about writing. 8 kids is a lot of kids!

On the 24th I was doing some morning reading about my ancestors and stumbled upon the story of William Stimpson and his account of the Martin Handcart Company.

I had always wondered about it and wanted to read about it but didn't know how to learn about his experiences. I asked my grandma once, and she had said he never talked about it. It was too difficult and painful, and for the rest of his life, he simply wouldn't speak of it. Well, I think that was William Stimpson's father of the same name. The account I read was about a 4 year old boy. His mother was pregnant when they began the trek. Over the course of the trek, he had a brother die near the Platte River, and then when they reached Sweetwater, WY, his mother gave birth and passed away, and his baby brother followed suite a few hours later. It made me so sad to read about the pain and hardship of my ancestors, and I wanted to go visit my grandmother. I called my parents to see if they knew if my grandma was up to having visitors, and somehow or other a plan was hatched for us to go visit my parents at Lyman Lake in the Uintahs! They are up there as service missionaries right now, and have been there for the past two weeks.

Lake Lyman holds a dear place in my heart. It is a Stake camp and so we would go up every year of my youth for girls camp, and sometimes for youth conference. It is breathtaking, and the air is crisp, and the memories are... well, it is beautiful. I didn't have many friends in my ward so I was lonely a lot, but I do remember the bliss of wandering around the mountains, and exploring the woods by myself. I remember distinctly sitting on a hill betwixt some aspen trees, and a cool and loving breeze came out of nowhere and completely encircled my heart with love. It was very special. And so, while I don't have many memories of the people up there, my experiences were precious and beautiful, and so that place will always be treasured in my heart.

And so, when given the opportunity to go back, I jumped at the chance, and was especially excited to show my kids one of my favorite places on this lovely Earth. We got a rather late start. I insisted we clean the family room before we left. And then we had to stop at the store for some things for my parents and for s'mores fixings. Then we had to go to my parent's house to get my dad's tackle box... it was 11:30 before we left! Which means we didn't get up there until about 2.

Worth it!

The air is so cool and temperate up there. I was able to drive with my windows down and just reveled in it! Partly because the last van we couldn't roll down the windows or they wouldn't roll back up, and the Tardis actually has 4 windows that roll down! On top of that, the air is just clean, and it wasn't overbearingly hot! So we drove over a dirt rode for about an hour, and scarcely saw anyone else on the road. And then we got to camp and it was just like I remembered it, only better! There have been so many improvements all along the way. The cabins are spruced up, the trails between the cabins and the biffies (outhouses) have been redefined and more wood chips have been laid. It is just wonderful! My mom made us some tacos for lunch, and then we went out onto the water.

My dad took Keith, Faye, and Beth in the boat to go fishing, and I took Vince in a canoe.

I was so impressed with him! We warned him over and over that if he stood up in the canoe it would tip over, and he was so careful and didn't stand up or wiggle too much at all! And being out on the water like that?! Heaven in a little fiberglass boat!

I was astounded by how clear the water was. I don't remember it being that clear. Then again, I went up with a couple hundred girls, and so someone was always in the water stirring it up.

Vince and I got back to shore before my dad and the kids and so my mom (who had been watching Kip), Vince, Kip, and I all went for a walk around the lake, intent on gathering a bouquet of wildflowers. It was the most beautiful evening walk I think I have ever been on.

Vince was super funny with the little walking stick he found, and trying to either throw all of the rocks on the mountain into the lake, or to wander off the trail and up into the woods.

But the flowers were spectacular, and the sun was at its golden hour, and it was so quiet and tranquil.

I will cherish that memory forever!

I hope I can go up more often because it really is just lovely. I would love to live there if I could. But you know me and Mountains.

The kids finally came in, after we should have already left to go back home. But they were hungry. So we had to eat. We quickly made a campfire and made some s'mores.

My mom then made some peanut butter sandwiches. Vince needed a bath before we could head out, though. He was completely covered in dirt and melted marshmallow and peanut butter. It's a good thing the Missionary cabin there is basically a tiny house, complete with a bathtub! I had wanted to head back home around 6, but there we were, leaving around 8:30. Oops!

My dad led us out of camp and pointed us in the direction of home. We chose to go out a different way than we had come in. it was 18 miles of dirt road instead of 30. My parent's had been on Mount Elizabeth this year, and while it is notoriously a terrible road to drive, they had said it was a lot better, and so we opted to go out that way.

Wrong choice!

While a month ago the roads may have been fine, now, they were terrible! It took us twice as long to get home as it would have taken to go the other way. But you live and you learn.

It was breathtakingly beautiful, though. The way the sun was setting and the shadows played across the meadow areas made me long to stop the car and just get out and explore. But I wanted to get out of the mountain pass before dark hit, so I soldiered on. Except the roads! We went so slowly that it was long after dark before we emerged onto the highway. Shortly after we had headed down the terrible road, a vehicle came out of the blue. I could see it in my rear view mirror, but I couldn't see what kind it was. Just the headlights. And I immediately thought of all of the serial killer stories I had ever heard. With a sigh I rolled up the windows, saying it was getting too cold for the baby, and then I kept watch in my rear view mirror just as much as I did the road in front of me. Paranoid much? When I came to a wide part of the road, I slowed down, and pulled over to the side. It was a truck. A white truck. It slowly pulled up next to me, and my heart nearly screamed in relief. It was my dad. He had said he didn't feel comfortable just letting us drive through those mountains alone, so he was going to follow to make sure we got onto the main road.

A jackrabbit bounced around on the road in front of us for a bit. A gorgeous deer was in the middle of the road. As we approached it slowly turned, looked at us, and then ambled off into the woods like it didn't have a care in the world. We got to the main road and my dad said he was just going to go with us to Evanston because it would be faster for him to go home the other way (which was through Evanston) rather than go over that road again! And so he led the way this time and we followed him to Evanston. With him in front, he nearly hit a deer that jumped right in front of his truck. I was glad he was in the lead that time! Meanwhile, Jeffrey had no idea where we were. I had told him we were going to the mountains, and that we were going to be in the Uintahs, and with my parents. I guess he just didn't put two and two together because when I messaged him that we were in Evanston he was shocked and not happy about it at all. Mostly because it was about 10:45 and I had planned for us to be home by 8:30. But we drove on, and we got home safely. I called my parents to let them know we were home, and my dad had just barely gotten back to the camp as well. He hit a jackrabbit on the way and so stopped and took it back to camp with him. He figured they may as well eat it rather than let it sit and be picked at by other animals. So they now have jackrabbit in their freezer. I found it funny that the two animals we saw in our path were such a hassle to my dad. I figure it is because we prayed before we left. I told him that, but he said that he also said a prayer before he left with us, so that obviously isn't the reason. At any rate, it was probably my favorite Pioneer Day in the history of Pioneer Days in my life. I learned about some of my ancestors, and then I got to haunt some of my old stomping grounds with my littles and my parents. The only thing that could have made it better would have been Jeffrey coming with us. But since it is a state holiday and not a national holiday, he didn't have the time off.

Maybe sometime next year.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


On Friday of last week Jeffrey and I went on an 8 hour date. It was awesome. Also, to date, it was our most expensive date ever.

We decided to leave Keith and Faye home as we thought we would only be gone 3 hours or so, and we took the other 3 to Jeffrey's parent's house. We then drove down to the city and began a day date. Do you remember those? The activity before a dance that was incredibly fun? Only this wasn't quite as fun as those were, mostly because we aren't teenagers anymore and we weren't in a group.

First we went to Ikea for lunch. Because we're classy like that. I mean, Swedish meatballs in a meal for $4? Yes, please!

And then. THEN! We drove across the street and walked into the most laid back car dealership I have ever encountered. Millennium in case anyone is interested. We walked in and bought a new van!! I had found the one I wanted, researched it, and all that was left was to go and test drive it. Basically, we love it.

Why did we feel the need to move past our trusty and reliable Toyota Sienna? Well it is 18 years old, and while it never before have us troubles, we knew it was time to move on. At our last oil change (2 weeks ago) we were told we have 3 leaks in the Sienna, and it was just tired. I mean , it is a 2000.

The kids are crazy excited for the new van. It is a lot more spacious than our old one. Beth's and Faye's primary teachers stopped me after church today to ask what kind of can we have. Apparently the girls were crazy excited and couldn't stop talking about it in their respective classes today. Beth said it is blue and beautiful and the doors open on their own and it has two TV screens in it!!!

So we have christened it the TARDIS and we took it for a spin that first day. I got home from the dealership in the van while Jeffrey drove the car home. I beat him and so scooped up all the kids and we went for a drive. Keith brought along a DVD of Darkwing Duck and they may have died just a little bit out of sheer excitement.

Now, let's talk about Keith and Faye. 8 hours is a long time for them to have been home alone. Especially for the first time as in Faye's case. Although we don't have a phone at home, i had set Keith up with an email account and we stayed in constant contact through Google Hangouts. Faye got a little scared which is understandable. And they, being kids, completely destroyed the house. Also, Faye burned Ramen Noodles. She may never live that blunder down now. When I got home, all of the windows were open and it was smokey in the house. They forgot to turn off the AC before opening the windows. All in all, i think they did great, though. Not that I will ever leave them home alone for quite that long again, but they stayed alive, and didn't burn the house down. Just barely.

That was Friday.

Saturday was another busy day. See, the previous owners of our house had decided to make a little alcove for the TV downstairs. It's nice because its location keeps it away from any glare from the windows. There are 2 nice sconces, one on either side of the alcove which provide dim light and no glare. We call it the TV coffin because the paint they used is dark and horrible. It looks like an explosion of black mold on the walls and ceiling. However, to make this alcove, they cut into a load bearing wall, and all that that implies.

Jeffrey noticed the hall floor felt a little soft. There was give to it when we walked down it. After time, we noticed a crack between the floor and the wall. It kept gradually getting bigger. We then noticed the ceiling in the basement was beginning to bow...

Time to call in a contractor. Our Shaun, in our case. Yesterday he came over and together, Jeffrey and Shaun began to lift the ceiling, "with our bare muscles!" as Shaun put it. And they did! Using boards they were able to raise the ceiling a good half inch. The crack between the wall and the floor upstairs had diminished significantly and is almost non existent. And then they framed in the alcove and turned it into a closet. Yay! My house is no longer falling down! Jeffrey just has to dry wall it now. And maybe I will get to paint my basement because while i love the colors the previous owners choose for the living room and hall, the rest of the colors are terrible and need replacing. Downstairs the walls are a bleak grey blue. I need something light reflecting to make it brighter down there, not dreary.

Our next big project is the roof. Whenever these shingles were put on, they were put on wrong, and so the soffit board has rotted and the rain gutters have fallen off. Last Sunday there was a glorious wind storm, but it pulled almost all of the soffit off beneath the overhang. That will probably be a job for next week, or the week after. And then a decent fence will be put up, and then... then we have plans to get a dog! I'm pretty excited about that and am honestly having a hard time waiting.

But first, the repairs.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Self Inflicted Sacrifices

It's 2 am. I honestly have no idea how long I have been awake. Kip woke up and in my sleep state I got up and brought him to my bed to proceed feeding him. I do this often and don't really realize I am doing it. As I was dozing and feeding him, Vince woke up. Very like Linus from Peanuts, he sleep stumbled into my room dragging his blanket after him. When he got to my side of the bed, he pushed his blanket on, and then clambered up after. Side note: I think it is the cutest thing to see him dragging around that blanket. So he and his blanket scooched in close to me on the edge of the bed while I continued to feed the baby.

I was finally conscious at this point. Running through my head were my doctor's words, "Of course he still wakes up in the night. He gets rewarded every time he does. Quit feeding him when he wakes up." Now, while I agree with him in theory, in practice, I don't ever remember getting up and feeding him. I just wake up and there he is, lying in bed with me, just finishing up a midnight snack. So I'm not sure how to end this cycle. At any rate, there I lay, sandwiched between two boys. Vince tried to roll over and ended up rolling off the bed. He was a trooper though, and didn't cry. He just got up, dusted himself off, and scrambled back up onto the bed.

It was at this point I decided there were too many boys in my bed. I carefully slid my hands beneath Kip's sleeping body and adopted him up. I liked down at him as i held him close and he was smiling in his sleep. It made me happy that he was having happy sleep comes dreams.

Little did I know, he was actually laughing at me.

Plotting his diabolical next move, the move that had great potential to finish me.

I carefully carried him to his room and gingerly laid him down. Like a ticking bomb. Because that is what a sleeping baby is. Aa I began my tiptoe out, he woke up and began crying. With a monumental sigh, I picked him up again and carried him to the living room, hoping to rock him to sleep. Except he doesn't want to go back to sleep.

Three times we have done the dance. It is not a graceful dance as we are both fighting over who gets to lead. He wants to tango and I desperately want to sleep.

As I sat on the couch rocking a giggling baby who had no intention of going back to sleep, Vince and his blanket found me. He stood watching in the hallway for some time before Tolkien me into the living room and curling up at my feet like a faithful puppy. And there he waited. When I got up to move Kip, he was up, following behind me. It was precious to watch but also made me a little sad as he should be sleeping but instead he just wants to be near me.

After several more attempts, I was finally successful. Kip is now sleeping in his bed! However, my bed is now peopled with little ones and the population of Beth and Vince's room is down to zero. As I type this, Beth is sprawling, hitting or kicking anyone who gets in her way, and Vince is sleeping horizontally, his head on my back and his feet on Beth's legs. I am hoping I can transition them both back to their beds soon. Meanwhile, I do get to enjoy the amplified stillness of a sleeping house. It is rare to have this quiet around me. It is a toss up which I prefer right now, the peace that comes knowing all my children are sleeping, or the desperate need to join them in the land of slumber.

The difficult decisions mothers make. Or, the sacrifices we chose to make for just a little peace and quiet around here! (cue What About Bob joke here: "I'll be quiet." "And I'll be peace!" *snicker snicker*

If i am tired tomorrow, it was totally worth it.